Chalva and Chumus

Breakfast: Ezekiel sesame toast with Organic Valley raw mild cheddar and Aunt Bertha’s ‘chalva delight;’ steamed kabocha squash; iced coffee

Yesterday’s Lunch: steamed kabocha (snatched from Jungle Jim’s market on my way back from the Cincinnati-Kentucky airport); cucumber and asparagus with honey mustard dressing for dipping; my special miso soup with spinach, peas, and egg

my special miso soup: 1 cup broth (dashi or low-salt vegetable broth), 1 very heaping tablespoon sweet white miso paste, 1 tbsp tahini, and vegetables/proteins/carbs of choosing. Cook the vegetables and/or proteins appropriately in the broth. Meanwhile, scoop the miso and tahini into your soup bowl, add a little of the steaming broth water to the two pastes and blend them into a liquid (you shouldn’t add boiling water to miso), then add the rest of the broth when the ingredients are cooked to your liking. Stir.

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