Lunch: cucumber salad with raisins, olives, and TJ’s lemon pepper; steamed kabocha with miso tahini dressing; iced cherry sencha tea

That dressing was delicious. Now I want to try it with roasted sweet potato!


About Huaccachina

I'm a snob in the kitchen and I enjoy it. I love simple foods in season.
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  1. Natalie says:

    glad you liked the dressing!!! it’s definitely my favorite. the story behind my love for it is that the summer i loved in a new york a few years ago, i always went to this one restaurant called souen and ate their kabocha squash with miso tahini dressing and literally got ADDICTED to it. i can attest to the fact that this dressing is good with any vegetable, sweet potato, etc. i can even eat it off a spoon!

  2. Huacachina says:

    Yeah thank you, it’s really good! I brought it to work today and ate it with tomato slices and sweet potato=)

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