Purple Cauliflower Soup

Today I followed a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks Love Soup by Anna Thomas. If you don’t already own this book I recommend that you do. Sometimes I read it in bed like I would a novel. The way she writes about food is so vivid and passionate it just makes me feel at peace with the world and the simple pleasures you can attain from it. This cookbook has absolutely no pictures but the quality of the writing deems in completely unnecessary. 

I’ve been meaning to make a pot of soup for some time. For me, it’s comforting to know there is a pot of soup in the fridge, ready for a quick and nourishing meal. Soup-making is always a long process for me-I’d say I spend at least two hours (sometimes more) making each pot of soup. Maybe I’m just slow with cutting and peeling, or inefficient with my time overall, but it doesn’t bother me. I try to see cooking as a meditative art. 

Today I followed her recipe for ‘Purple Cauliflower Soup’ with a few little tweaks. 


Purple Cauliflower Soup

I used homemade chicken stock instead of vegetable broth. I also added cream and grated white cheddar cheese to the soup. It was delicious! The flavor of the leeks especially stood out to me- they are so sweet and flavorful. 


I’ve found that the easiest way to thoroughly clean the white and pale green bottom of a leek is make two perpendicular slices from the top, stopping at the root so all the layers remain attached together. This was you can hold it under the faucet and bend back each layer and rinse until all the grit is gone.

I made sure not to toss the dark green tops of the leeks- they have a lot of flavor. I’m soaking them in water to remove all the dirt, then I will be putting them in a freezer bag to save for the next time I make chicken broth. I love doing this with vegetable scraps: leftover herbs, parsley that won’t be used before its time is done, chard stems, carrot and potato peelings…the list can go on! 


The soup-making took a lot longer than I expected (like usual) and I got extremely hungry so I had a bowl of whole milk Greek yogurt drizzled with honey while I was cooking…and a medjool date with a handful of sunflower seeds.

This was the finished product:


I had some sauteed, garlicky kale on the side. I liked the soup better without the lemon, but it was interesting how the lemon turned it magenta.


Meanwhile, Humphrey had some much needed rest.



About Huaccachina

I'm a snob in the kitchen and I enjoy it. I love simple foods in season.
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2 Responses to Purple Cauliflower Soup

  1. mycookboard says:

    I love your writing!! You can really express from within. It’s your thing for sure. Btw…I found date seeds in my car. Were they yours?

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