One of my favorite things to do with leeks is steam them and then put them in the oven for about five minutes with mozzarella cheese. I then drizzle a little balsamic reduction and olive oil on top. I usually like to add fresh herbs as well but I didn’t have any. Everytime I eat a leek I wonder why I don’t eat them everyday: they are so sweet, creamy, and delicate. I had this plate with a bowl of brown rice, a green salad, and a few slices of chilled cantaloupe.

I had a spare steamed leek yesterday morning so I served it with scrambled eggs with a little sesame oil and cilantro sprinkled on top, plus some breakfast sausages on the side.

I completely overestimated how much cilantro I needed for the spring rolls and avocado soup last week so I had a ton of cilantro in the fridge. Whenever I have leftover cilantro or parsley I don’t want to go to waste I do one of two things: I either freeze the herbs to use in stock later or I make a chimichurri sauce. I did the latter with my leftover cilantro. I just pulse it in a blender, then add olive oil, vinegar, a lot of garlic, salt, and cayenne pepper, all to taste. I usually need to thin it out with a bit of water as well. It is delicious on meats, potatoes, eggs, and mixed into sour cream for a dipping sauce.

My favorite lunch at work lately has been brown rice cakes with cream cheese and gravlax on top. I want to try this with chevre in place of the cream cheese and herbs.


About Huaccachina

I'm a snob in the kitchen and I enjoy it. I love simple foods in season.
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