My favorite ways to eat asparagus

My CSA share started a couple weeks ago and I have received a bit of asparagus each time. I snap off the ends like you are told to do, but I always end up munching on them raw while I’m cooking and they taste sweet and fresh to me. Only the very end is woody, but it is still palatable. Perhaps this is because the asparagus is very fresh, being from a local farm.

The first week I ate them very simply by steaming them in a pan with a touch of water, until they were tender yet toothsome and springy. I tossed them with a bit of lemon juice, salt, and olive oil and gorged on them with my fingers.

This week, however, I ate them in one of my favorite ways: on bread spread with homemade mayonnaise topped with an egg. Again, I quickly steamed the asparagus with a touch of water in a lidded pan. I find this the simplest and quickest way to cook them, and I feel the texture is just as good as when blanching. You can use any bread, but I feel a crusty baguette works best. This time I had only humble Ezekiel toast but it was delicious nevertheless. I made the mayonnaise with avocado oil which is great for mayonnaise because it is mild in flavor, doesn’t harden in the fridge like olive oil, and isn’t bad for your heart like canola or soy oil. I fried my eggs (farm fresh from my CSA), but I also love this with perfectly boiled eggs, which in my opinion means a yolk that is moist and creamy, but still firm.

I lay out the toast, spread it with mayonnaise, gently lay the lovely green spears, top it with the egg (one per toast), and sprinkle all with salt and pepper. It is quite a decadent way to enjoy asparagus.

My other favorite way to eat it is blanched or steamed, cut into smaller pieces, and tossed with Japanese black sesame sauce. I used to eat this all the time but haven’t a whole lot in recent years for whatever reason. This is the recipe I used to use; I highly recommend it.


About Huaccachina

I'm a snob in the kitchen and I enjoy it. I love simple foods in season.
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