For lunch I had baked zucchini and caramelized onion with a fresh mozzarella made by a local company. For dessert, I had an unsweetened iced matcha latte and a small bowl of frozen cotton candy grapes. I find fresh mozzarella is best unheated; it tends to get rubbery otherwise. I reheated the zucchini bake on the plate in the oven. When it was lightly heated, I added the mozzarella and the rice. The heat from the plate was enough to lightly heat the mozzarella without drawing out its liquid.

For dinner I had sugar snap pea soup, with frisée salad and rice. For dessert, I had some sliced frozen banana with salted peanut butter and also a small piece of cold, extremely bittersweet flourless chocolate cake. I love frozen (and fresh) fruit in the summer. I love frozen and fresh fruit in the winter, for that matter. I had jasmine rice for both lunch and dinner. At the moment it’s my favorite rice, chewy and fragrant.

The soup is made quite simply by boiling the peas in salted water, blending them with a light vegetable stock, passing it all through a strainer (I skipped this step but you really shouldn’t), and adding whole milk to lighten it a bit. I used pea stock this time and also added caramelized onions at the blending step for added sweetness. You can also make this soup with green beans.


About Huaccachina

I'm a snob in the kitchen and I enjoy it. I love simple foods in season.
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