Good meal and labneh desserts

I love when one cooking session translates to a few meals. On Thursday I fried the zucchini and yellow squash I got in my CSA bag for the week.

The trick to pan-frying summer squash is to cook it down without any water or oil to begin with. Squash gives off a lot water when it cooks, so if you add to that you will basically just be steaming it, and I personally like squash when it’s slightly caramelized and roasted. Also, never crowd the pan!

Once the squash was cooked and lightly browned, I added some olive oil, red pepper and garlic. I then set it aside to work on another course.

I took out a bag of green beans (also from my CSA) and steamed them. I blended the steamed green beans and the steaming liquid with salt. I strained the mixture through a sieve to remove the fibrous bits and crumbled in a raw milk blue cheese. It was delicious and even better cold the next day.

I ate the zucchini mixed into chewy spaghetti dressed with olive oil and a touch of lemon juice and basil.

Yesterday I had the same meal but instead I used cappellini. I forgot how much I love the mouth-feel of this pasta. For dessert I had my homemade extra-bittersweet chocolate cake and some labneh: ny kind of cheesecake. Usually I don’t like to eat my meals in front of the tv, but since it was Friday I decided to get a little crazy and watched The Clouds of Sils Maria. The movie was set in the Alps and showed breathtaking views of mist snaking its way through the valleys.

Labneh is appearing in a lot of my desserts lately. It helps lessen the sweetness in desserts I find overly-sweet, which applies to pretty much all ice cream. I crave something frozen, creamy, and sweet this time of year, but I find the intense sweetness of ice cream somewhat sickening. I bought lemon frozen yogurt from Jeni’s, a local ice cream company, and I loved the flavor and texture but, again, too sweet. But by having it with equal parts of unsweetened, full-fat labneh, I am in heaven. I imagine this would work well with mascarpone as well.


About Huaccachina

I'm a snob in the kitchen and I enjoy it. I love simple foods in season.
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