Who knew cold omelettes are so wonderful for lunch at work?

Today was a headache day. On headache days, all I want is cold lemon water, crisp salad greens, and spaghetti with marinara. All the tartness, freshness, and salt seem to nourish me in some magical way. Even if the ibuorofen has vanquished the headache by the time I sit to eat, it still does me good.

Today was my CSA pickup day, so I had plenty of beautiful vegetables to make a salad with. I received a head of lettuce, of the red leaf variety. This might sound strange, but I actually made a moan of pleasure when I got to the heart of the lettuce while washing it. The heart was marbled pale green and pink; it looked like some rare and lovely gemstone. I will never be able to eat supermarket lettuce the same way again…it simply doesn’t compare to the lettuces I’ve been getting from local farms, the mouth-feel, the springy-ness…everything.

I made a salad of the lettuce hearts, cucumber, carrot, and a bit of the carrot greens for bitterness. I dressed it with olive oil, salt, and lemon juice and added a bit of blue cheese. I love blue cheese on green salad. I ate my salad, some leftover Italian sausage (I wouldn’t of ate this if my headache was still active. Meat sounds terrible to me when I have a headache for some reason), and finished with cappelli tossed with a bit of good marinara. For dessert, I had half of a sweet, chilled mango.

My headache is gone and I feel so satisfied. For breakfast tomorrow I’m having dense buckwheat pancakes and for lunch at work I’m packing labneh and mango, raw cucumber slices with with white miso for spreading, leftover sauteed kale and onion, and my homemade bread and butter. I almost always have bitter chocolate for dessert at lunch as well, sometimes with dried fruit and nuts.


About Huaccachina

I'm a snob in the kitchen and I enjoy it. I love simple foods in season.
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