I tried a new way of preparing chard last night. I caramalized an onion and the chopped stems of a head of chard in butter. Once they were browned, I add chopped crystallized ginger and cooked it a little more. Then I added the chard leaves, thinly sliced, covered the pan and allowed the leaves to steam. After a few minutes I removed the lid and mixed all the ingredients together. I loved the combination of swiss chard with the sweetness of the caramalized onion and crystallized ginger. I ate it with cappellini and marinara. For dessert I had dark chocolate and my fruit compote.

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This morning I got up early before work to do my weekly cleaning, while sipping a cold matcha latte and listening to an audiobook. I ended up losing track of time, and I didn’t have time to make the omelette and smoothie I planned for breakfast. But then I saw the beautiful tomatoes in my fruit bowl and decided to have tomato toast. Tomato toast is heavily buttered toast with a thick slice of summer tomato, salted. I find with raw tomatoes, you should add about 2-3 times as much salt as you think you need. It really brings out the flavor of the tomato. I had it with my summer fruit compote…such a delicious and quick breakfast.

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Never-ending blueberry sauce and a delicious dinner

The other day I bought a large package of blueberries. I feel that most blueberries are improved by cooking, so I planned to make a compote of sorts with them. I added a bit of water, hibiscus, and a star anise to a pot and got it simmering. I added the blueberries, maple syrup, and a pinch of salt, and immediately decided I didn’t add enough water. I was wrong. The blueberries gave off their own dark juice, of couse, so I ended up with more liquid than I planned. No matter- I added a bit of cornstarch and called it a sauce. I had some that night for dessert, spooned over some thick plain yogurt. It was so unbelievably good. I loved the slight spice and tartness the star anise and hibiscus added to the blueberries.

This morning I noticed I had a ripe white nectarine with a bad spot. I couldn’t eat it immediately, so I cut off the bad and put the good into the blueberry sauce for later. There’s plenty of blueberry sauce to make home for all the fruits of summer. In fact, I got some rhubarb in my CSA box today and decided to add that as well…I simply diced and roasted it. I may have to add more maple syrup to the sauce with the tart rhubarb, but it may please me that way. I hope this blueberry sauce is never-ending, but if course nothing is. This weekend I’m thinking of making a tart with this summer fruit compote: homemade pastry crust and perhaps a bed of mascarpone or chèvre.

I also had a truly pleasing dinner tonight. It satiated me, both my body and my senses. Every meal should be that way. For my first course I had a cucumber salad, partially peeled and dressed with herbed vinegar, parsley, olive oil, salt, pepper, and diced kalamata olives. I salted the cucumbers before adding the dressing so they could give off some of their extra liquid (of which I drank straight in a shot…would be delicious with some sparkling water).

For my main course, I had some leftovers. I love the ease (and taste) of leftovers… Tonight it was roasted cabbage mixed with tomato-laced Italian sausage. Roasted cabbage is so incredibly sweet and savory.

For dessert I had some diced champagne mango and a delicate white nectarine, beautiful to behold and almost indecently delicious. Who could want more than fruit for dessert in the summer? But, of course, there is always room for chocolate.

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It’s hot as hellfire

Now I’m having an ice cold beer in an ice cold wine glass, cold leftover chicken wings scented with cumin, and cucumber slices spread with salty white miso

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I’m in a coffee shop drinking a cortado (which was served more like an espresso with a small splash of milk, but that’s okay) and eating cherries, almonds, dark chocolate, and a juicy red plum.

I’m reading A Stew or a Story, a compilation of work by M.F.K Fisher. When I bit into the delicious plum, fuchsia juice spurted out all over the book. I think M.F.K Fisher would approve.

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Enjoying: matcha tea, cucumbers and miso, salade niçoise, and clafoutis

Tonight I had a Niçoise-inspired salad. It was comprised of boiled new potatoes (so buttery!), roasted green beans, diced cucumber and tomato, crisp romaine, olives, and oily pan-fried salmon. I dressed this lovely salad in a mustardy vinaigrette. For dessert I made a cherry clafoutis (pits in -why bother? ). I’ve been trying to find the holy grail clafoutis recipe for almost two years now, and I think I may have found it…we shall see. Sometimes the simplest of dishes are the most complicated.

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