My dinner last night

I snacked on a raw carrot while cooking, not the tasteless baby carrot variety of course.

I bakec chicken drumsticks without the skin, not to reduce fat but because I often find it slightly nauseating. I dipped the drumsticks in a homemade sweet chili sauce.

For my second course, I had perfectly roasted potatoes seasoned with tumeric and a dish of roasted eggplant, green pepper, and onion.

For dessert, I made a parfait with an almost empty pint of lemon frozen yogurt. I added some plain, creamy labneh and some extremely sweet and cold fresh mango. It was the perfect balance of sweetness to me and tasted so decadent. For some reason it seemed more fun to eat it seated on the floor so I did, leaning against my couch.

I was still slightly hungry so I finished the meal with a cup of buckwheat tea and a pinto and cheese pupusa.

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As an egyptian, I LOVE blackstrap molasses, we call it “black honey” and we include it in our breakfast meal, ohh you want the recipe! it might be shocking but you’re not gonna know until you try, put a couple of spoons from it in a bowl, add tahini to it, the amount of both is similar or depends on your taste ( I love it with more tahini), eat it with any kind of flat bread and indulge in this dipping bowl of heaven. I ate that as a child nearly 3 days a week without complaining

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Good headache food:

Cold cucumber salad, marinated for at least a day, also good with some cold lentils mixed into the vinaigrette

Spaghetti with marinara that has the perfect amount of sweetness and tartness

Crisp gem lettuce with olive oil and lemon juice

Iced lemon water or hot buckwheat tea

Pink lady apples or dried goldenberries

tomato soup, not heavy on cream or cheese


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It has been said, that to wear a scarlet dress in a cemetery can attract the spirit of a lover long dead.

Michael Faudet
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I tried a new way of preparing chard last night. I caramalized an onion and the chopped stems of a head of chard in butter. Once they were browned, I add chopped crystallized ginger and cooked it a little more. Then I added the chard leaves, thinly sliced, covered the pan and allowed the leaves to steam. After a few minutes I removed the lid and mixed all the ingredients together. I loved the combination of swiss chard with the sweetness of the caramalized onion and crystallized ginger. I ate it with cappellini and marinara. For dessert I had dark chocolate and my fruit compote.

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This morning I got up early before work to do my weekly cleaning, while sipping a cold matcha latte and listening to an audiobook. I ended up losing track of time, and I didn’t have time to make the omelette and smoothie I planned for breakfast. But then I saw the beautiful tomatoes in my fruit bowl and decided to have tomato toast. Tomato toast is heavily buttered toast with a thick slice of summer tomato, salted. I find with raw tomatoes, you should add about 2-3 times as much salt as you think you need. It really brings out the flavor of the tomato. I had it with my summer fruit compote…such a delicious and quick breakfast.

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